Planning a houseboat holiday in Alleppey

An awesome way to see and experience “God’s own country” is by planning an Alleppey houseboats vacation. The serene water, the rustic banks, coconut groves, fields with farmers toiling away, the wafting aromas of the spices – these are all classic examples of what you can experience while on such a holiday. But before you go ahead, we would like to give you some tips on how you can plan such a houseboat vacation –
Alleppey Houseboat

How to book a houseboat?

Alleppey is considered the gateway between the backwaters of Kollam and Kochi. Hence, most of the houseboat packages can be hired from the town of Alleppey. You can have a look at the various packages available. The most popular among tourists are through Kottayam, Kumarakom, and Kollam (Alinkadavu). There are several more destinations and you can choose depending on what you would like to see. Several luxury hotels and resorts have houseboats too. If you are looking for a short trip then you can get sunset cruises or even overnight trips or houseboat honeymoon packages too. Houseboats generally travel quite slowly and that gives you a chance to enjoy the surrounding nature and actually have some nice and quiet time with your partner or family and friends.
This being said you can also hire houseboats from Kochi but it may not promise you the same kind of experience. A backwater day trip can be taken on a houseboat, country boat or a speedboat.

What is the duration of the houseboat packages?

A houseboat can be hired for just a day or more. It entirely depends on your interest, budget and how much time you have. Some might just prefer a day trip which starts midday and goes on till six in the evening. Some want the experience of staying a night out on the water and return by the next day morning. A two night Kerala houseboat package is most popular among tourists. This gives them good time to take the sights in, have some nice quiet time and enjoy the water and sumptuous food provided by experienced chefs.

What routes are most popular?

As already mentioned, Alleppey is preferred for hiring houseboats. You can either do a round trip or just one way trips if you are proceeding on to other cities or towns from thereon.
Alleppey to Kumarakom – This area is famous for the Vembanad Lake which is house to several luxury resorts. Also, tourists throng here for the most beautiful Kumarakom bird sanctuary. You can see much larger water bodies as the canals are wider and you can go through the whole lake.
Alleppey to Kuttanad – This route is well known for its rustic looks and paddy fields. The large network of backwaters through narrow is a great temptation for those who would like to look at the village scenes and how farming is really done in this land.
Alleppey to Alumkadavu – This is situated near Kollam and it is considered a long cruise. Traditionally, the houseboats are made here.

What is the best season to hire a houseboat?

The best season to hire a houseboat is from the end of the year that is December till the end of January. These months are dry and cool. Being the tourist season, if you plan a vacation during this time, you need to book ahead and plan ahead. This being said, you can book Alleppey houseboats throughout the year. Some might prefer the monsoon seasons too as you can avail of some great discounts during this period. The summers between March and May can be quite hot and humid. So if you are planning a vacation during this time, then you ought to ensure that you get the AC premium Alleppey houseboat service.
Honeymoon Houseboat in Alleppey

How much is the cost for hiring a houseboat in Alleppey?

The cost of hiring houseboats vary greatly. It depends on the duration of the trip, the quality of the boat and amenities provided as well as the season. During the peak season that is between December and January, prices might even triple.
  • Generally an overnight hire of a houseboat starts from about INR 5000/$70. This is without air conditioning.
  • A deluxe air-conditioned houseboat with a capacity of two can cost up to INR 10,000/$140.
  • Luxury houseboats can even go to INR 18,000/$255.
  • Large houseboats meant for families with several bedrooms as well as living rooms are available too. These houseboats start from INR 20,000/$280 for an overnight holiday.
  • These costs are generally inclusive of food and drinks. A private chef is onboard.
If you are not comfortable about sharing then you need to ensure that you get a private houseboat. Some for cost purposes might prefer sharing accommodations while some prefer their privacy. Most houseboats also have an upper deck with seating facility where you can lounge and enjoy the sights.